Blame the sun for global warming

February 19th, 2014 by Ken

Let me state – – from the outset that I believe that this Earth of ours is currently in a period of  global warming.  Scientists call in Global Climate Change to explain various weather conditions around the globe.

Recently, our vice president, said that 97 percent of all scientists believe that global climate change is caused by human activity and those that don’t believe are burying their heads in the sand.

Well — my eyes and ears must be full of sand, because I don’t believe that humans are the cause of global warming.

Of course – – I’m not a scientist and Joe Biden wasn’t speaking about me.   But I am well-read and knowledgeable enough to make some observations on the subject.

The Earth has been around for billions of years.   Over that time period it has undergone significant and momentous climate changes.

For a good part of its life, the Earth was hot and uninhabitable.  For another part of time it was covered in ice and snow.

Human history only goes back about 10,000 years, back to the beginning of the ice age.  Glaciers covered a significant part of the world but for periods of time in the last ten millenniums the Earth warmed up enough to support human life.

Periods of warmth and cold alternated during those 10,000 years.   The Little Ice Age started in the 1400’s and ended as recently as the 1800’s.

Our planet has been warming every since.

The Earth revolves around the sun which acts as a big furnace providing us with light and heat.  Sometimes that furnace roars up and puts out more heat.  Sometimes that furnace cools down and puts out less heat.

And, our planet doesn’t revolve on its axis in a steady rotation.  It wobbles and tips.  That’s part of the reason we have seasons, but also part of the reason we have climate change.

Human activity has almost nothing to do with Global Climate Change.

A few hundred years from now, when scientists look back on the 21st Century – -they’ll laugh at how silly we were trying to find a human answer for a natural event.



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