Lacey has new mayor

January 9th, 2014 by Ken

Andy Ryder, who is just starting his fifth year on the Lacey City Council, has been selected to represent the council as mayor.   Ryder’s selection came at the first regular meeting of the new year.

Ryder beat out incumbent mayor Virgil Clarkson by one vote.   Voting for Clarkson were Lenny Greenstein, Jason Hearn and Clarkson.   Voting for Ryder were Michael Steadman, Cynthia Pratt, Jeff Gadman and Ryder.

Lacey also has a new deputy mayor.  Cynthia Pratt received four votes for the position – – the same ones that Ryder received.   Lenny Greenstein received three votes – – the same ones that Clarkson had received for mayor.

Lacey is unique among local cities.   Residents of Lacey don’t vote for mayor.   The mayor is selected by the council and represents the council.

Ryder’s election for mayor and Pratt’s election for deputy mayor show that elections have consequences.

The votes were almost identical to those of two years ago but reversed.   Former council member Ron Lawson supported Clarkson the last time around.  This time, the person who defeated him – Michael Steadman – voted for Ryder.

(Editor’s note:  I’ll have Ryder on my Decision Makers show on Tuesday, January 21.   That program airs live at 9 a.m. on AM 1240 KGY Radio.)



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