Alexander takes lead in auditor’s race

November 7th, 2013 by Ken

When the election results were tallied on election night, Democratic challenger Mary Hall had a 700 vote lead over incumbent Republican Thurston County Auditor Gary Alexander.

But, the count of 13,000 more ballots on Wednesday, put Alexander ahead by 90 votes.

“I’m very pleased,” Alexander said.  “I received an email from Sam Reed on election night telling me not to be discouraged.   He said that in Thurston County Democrat ballots seem to break early, while Republican ballots are later.”

Alexander said they would count another 13,000 ballots today.

A mandatory recount would be necessary if the results came down to less than a 200 vote margin.   In that case, challenged ballots, write-in ballots and day of registration ballots would probably make the difference.

If these 13,000 ballots break the same as the last 13,000 a recount wouldn’t be necessary.  “I”m optimistic a recount won’t be necessary,” Alexander said.

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