Who are these women?

September 30th, 2013 by Ken

Have you heard of these women – – Leatta Dahlhoff, Carolyn Folden, Kim Gaffi, Tanya Murray, Joyce Turner and Theresa Van Camp.

They’re being honored by the YWCA as “2013 Women of Achievement.”

They will be recognized as “Women of Achievement: Movers, Shakers, History Makers.”

Pardon me if I ask – – who are these women?

I’m sure they’re great people.  I’m sure that in some circles they’ve made contributions.   But – are they movers, shakers and history makers?

If you’re a mover, a shaker or a history maker, people should have heard of you.

I think its great that these women are being honored for their achievement – – but I suggest the YWCA cut down on its hyperbole.   It’s better to honor these women for what they’ve done rather than exaggerate their accomplishments beyond reason.

And, again I ask – – who are these women?



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