Those dirty lobbyists

April 23rd, 2013 by Ken

It must be tough to be a member of the Washington State Legislature.   Not only are the hours long and the pressure great, but they also have to put up with lobbyists beating down their doors for some special favor.

It’s been said that lobbyists run the legislature.  That the lobbyists write the laws that legislators sponsor.   Even if she wanted too, the legislator can’t  move against them because she needs their support and purse strings to get re-elected.

So, I’m glad that our state legislators haven’t bowed to those dirty lobbyists to get their special interest legislation passed.

You and I know who those top lobbyists are – – don’t we?

The top lobbying group this past year is the Service Employees International Union – – the SEIU – – which represents all the government workers who don’t belong to other unions.   It’s the most active, the most vocal and spent the most money lobbying this year.

Second is the Washington Education Association – – the WEA – – which represents the teachers and other school employees.

The number three top lobbyist group is the Washington Federation of State Employees, the second largest state government employee union.

OK – by now – you’re getting the picture.  The biggest lobbyists are those representing government workers – – but hang on – – we’ll get to the business lobbyists soon – – but right now we have to get through more government unions.

The fourth largest lobbyist is the Washington Health Care Association which is the union for health care workers whom depend on government support for much of their salaries.

And finally – – Boeing – – comes in fifth.   Although it is one of the largest employers in the state, it’s actually headquartered in Chicago.

Our legislators are constantly bombarded by lobbyists who want something from government and the biggest lobbyists are the unions representing government workers.

The next time you hear the media talk about the power of lobbyists influencing legislation, remember, it’s the government unions that apply the most pressure.

When you see them, tell your legislator thank you for not bowing to those dirty lobbyists.


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