Lacey to ban plastic bags

March 21st, 2013 by Ken

The City of Lacey will vote to ban plastic bags when the Lacey City Council meets at its regular meeting on Thursday, March 28.

At a City Council work session Thursday night, a majority of the Council indicated they would vote to ban the grocery bags,  joining the City of Olympia and the City of Tumwater  in that effort.

While not an actual vote, only those members who favored a ban spoke up.  They constituted a majority of the Council.  It’s not expected that the vote will be unanimous.  At least two and maybe as many as three members will vote against the ban.

Thurston County staff have been pushing a plastic bag ban but have indicated they won’t do so unless the vote is approved  in all four of the major cities.  So far Yelm has not taken a stand.

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