Nanny state has some limits

March 12th, 2013 by Ken

There really is some limit to what government can do.

This week, a New York City judge slapped down Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to stop the sale of large soft drinks – sometimes known as Big Gulps.

In doing so the judge called the law “arbitrary and capricious” and said that the city’s right to protect public health didn’t mean that it could ban the sale of a “legal” product under the guise of protecting the public from a “chronic disease.”

The judge also said the mayor didn’t have the authority to make those decisions and taking it to the board of health – – whose members are all appointed by the mayor – – was over-stepping his powers.

The mayor has threatened to appeal.

But, finally, some restraint has been placed on our elected officials who want to act like our mothers or grandmothers.  This ruling backs up what many of us have been saying for decades.  We have become a “nanny” state.

The government has taken the position that it must protect us from – – ourselves.

Perhaps this court ruling will help put a damper on government’s effort to regulate our lives and stop us from our own stupidity.   We have the right to be just as stupid as we want to be.

Government has no right – – nor reason – – to act like our mothers.   I’ll play in the street if I want to.

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