I love the US Post Office – six days a week

February 12th, 2013 by Ken

I said it.  I love the United States Post Office.   I know, they’ve changed their name to the US Postal Service, but it’s still the same in my mind.

I use the US mail on a regular basis.  Those who subscribe to my newsletter receive it bearing first class postage.  I think receiving a first class piece of mail shows that the missive is important and significant.

Others can use e mail to send messages, but there’s nothing like an old-fashioned letter or special occasion card received in the mail.

Like everyone, the mail I do get is often junk mail, but sometimes there’s a gem among the rocks.

Our mail service is cheap and dependable, even with the increases in postage and the cut backs in service.  I’m old-fashioned and remember when the US Post Office and the mail carriers were the main contact of people with their government.

Some 150 million of us are still old-fashioned, and while we don’t begrudge the youngsters their means of communications, we also don’t want to lose ours.

It’s important to the government, it’s important to the merchants and its important to me – – six days a week.


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