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January 9th, 2013 by Ken

Tomorrow evening, the Lacey Fire District will take up the issue of applying for a federal grant which would allow it to hire new firefighters.   The problem is that the grant is only for two years, after which time, local taxpayers will have to pick up the cost through a tax increase.  I’ve already notified the district that I’m not in favor of the grant.  I urge all readers to offer their opinion as well.

Efforts of the North Thurston School Board to sell Bucknell Park have hit a snag.  School board members actually want some accurate information before they make a decision.  Good for them.  The field has been an essential part of this community for nearly 50 years.  It also compliments the City of Lacey’s Regional Athletic Complex.   If the property goes on the market, I think the city should give serious consideration to purchasing the property   It make sense considering that the city already owns additional land for future expansion of the RAC.

Local cities are coming under pressure to institute a plastic bag ban.   The Thurston County Solid Waste Department is leading the effort.  They claim plastic bags are a health hazard and since they can’t be recycled, pollute the landfills.    This government agency has said it won’t push for the ban unless all cities in Thurston County come on board.    I would suggest that no cities come on board.   By the way – -whatever happened to plastic baby diapers?   Have plastic bags replaced the landfill problem of the last decade?

If  you’re one of the 22,000 subscribers to The Olympian, then you received your renewal notice with an additional $2.50 a month fee attached.   The fee is to allow you to access the paper’s web page.   If you’re not a newspaper subscriber and want to get your local news free, you won’t be able to do that any longer.  You will now have to pay $10.50 a month.  For current subscribers, there’s no way to opt out.  You have to pay the additional fee, even if you never use the on-line services.   Personally, I feel like I’ve just been molested and shaken down for more money.

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