Three of a kind

October 17th, 2012 by Ken

The three mayors of  Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater have thrown their collective weight behind an effort to help Thurston County Commission Sandra Romero retain her county commission seat.  All have endorsed Romero for re-election.

Romeo is in a tough re-election battle with Olympia businessman Andrew Barkis, and the endorsements of all three local mayors should tell something about the tenor of this race.

Although city council positions are non-partisan, don’t be fooled by that non- label.   Romero is a Democrat and so are the three local mayors – – Virgil Clarkson, Stephen Buxbaum and Pete Kmet.

Romero is also a known quality for the three mayors and all of them talk about her ability to work cooperatively with the three cities.  In this case, familiarity does not apparently,  build contempt.

Since Clarkson, Buxbaum and Kmet have now made their political affiliations known, local business people might want to take a second look at future city council races when these three are up for re-election.

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