The Washington State Patrol doesn’t live in the real world

October 10th, 2012 by Ken

Pity the poor Washington State Patrol. It’s having a difficult time hiring new patrol officers because too many of them have used illegal drugs in the past.

A significant number of possible recruits have used prescription pain killers for injuries that were not prescribed for them. That’s against the law. We’ve all done it. We’ve taken pain killers given to us from family or friends, or we’ve given family and friends pain killers prescribed to us. But, it’s all illegal and the Washington State Patrol doesn’t want anyone in their ranks who might have done something illegal.

They know their possible recruits are doing so, because they can’t pass the lie detector test. Every candidate has to pass the lie detector test and can’t.

A few decades ago, I almost went to work for the Washington State Patrol – – not as a trooper – – but in their public relations office. I couldn’t pass the lie detector test so I went into commentator work.

The use of drugs isn’t the only thing affecting the state patrol hiring.

A couple of years back it was having a hard time finding enough qualified individuals to meet the physical requirements.

I’m beginning to think that the Washington State Patrol doesn’t live in the real world. It appears the patrol wants all of its members to be boy scouts, Eagle Scouts preferred. (Although I suspect that many boy scouts may have used illegal pain killers.)

The Washington State Patrol is a unique unit of law enforcement in our state – – dedicated to the highest ideals of service and commitment. By its selection process alone it sets itself above everyone else in society.

I guess it has to do that. If we endow the patrol with the power to carry guns and maybe even use them, then we want our officers to be above reproach.

But, it’s going to find it more and more difficult to find the people it wants, because almost everyone else lives in the real world.

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