Republicans throw in the towel

September 24th, 2012 by Ken

The Republican Party has thrown in the white towel of surrender. They’ve given up on selecting a replacement for Barack Obama and have bowed to his inevitable election.

OK – partyhacks won’t say that and talking heads go on the air on a regular basis and tell everyone that the game is still close and they stand a chance to elect Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States.

But, they know in their hearts the election is over. And, it doesn’t take polls to tell them that. All they have to do is talk to rank and file Republicans.

I’ve talked with a number of good Republicans these past few weeks – – those who support the party, not only in theory, not only with money, but with energy and enthusiasm. And, everyone of them – – everyone of them, tell me they expect Barack Obama to be re-elected.

Of course, some of them try to keep a good face, but they all know its over.

And, they’re sad, really sad. they know what poor shape this country is in and they can see that things are not going to get any better in the next four years under the current administration.

But, they can’t convince a majority of the voters. They can’t convince them that the Republican Party has a better idea – – because they’re not sure the party does have a better idea.

So, if the current party can’t do job and the other party doesn’t really have any good ideas on how to do the job – – how do you convince the voters to change horses in the middle of the stream?

Topping it off, is the fact that all of the country’s major institutions are in bed with the current administration. All of those institutions that we expect to do the right thing – – from the League of Women Voters to AARP are bending to the will of the Democratic Party.

And the major news media, those located in New York City and Washington DC are still enchanted with a black man as president and can’t get past that aura.

They can’t see the president for what he really is – – a nice man, totally out of his league and unable to exercise any leadership.

So, the country flounders. The Republicans throw in the towel and the people hope that the next four years go by quickly so we can finally get some real leadership at the head of this country.

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