About as political as you can get

September 10th, 2012 by Ken

There are few organizations in this country that have the reputation and status of the League of Women Voters. The League is well-known for advocating citizen involvement in the Democratic process.

It was founded in 1920, just months before women gained the right to vote, as a way of educating the 20 million new women voters soon to come on the scene.

It’s charter calls for it to be non-partisan and it has touted that non-partisanship as a badge of honor.

But, the League is not non-political. It’s about as political as an organization can get. It involves itself so deeply into political issues that it has gained a reputation as being a liberal, pro-government organization.

It’s ofter referred to (by me) as the League of Liberal Women Voters.

Recently, the League has come out in opposition to I-1240, the Charter School initiative. The League claims it will take money away from public schools, a stand in lockstep with the Washington Education Association, a quasi arm of the Democratic Party.

It supports Referendum 74, the Gay Marriage bill, saying it provides respect and dignity to marriage; a stand also taken by the Democratic Party.

It supports increased funding for transportation projects – greater use of alternative energy – universal health care for all – and opposes contracting out of any government services. These are all planks taken directly from the Democratic Party platform.

So while the League is very political it is also partisan. If it supports the Democratic Party platform, then it follows that it supports Democrats who support the party.

Here in Thurston County the League has endorsed and is actively working for a Home Rule Charter which will increase the reach and cost of local government.

The League is holding a forum on September 27 to educate the public on Public Power and the possible takeover of Puget Sound Energy. While it hasn’t yet, taken a stand, you can rest assured that it soon will.

It seems to me that the League of Women Voters has become a defacto arm of the Democratic Party, an advocate for more government, a supporter of tax increases and a false idol of non-partisanship.

Voters should ignore the positions taken by the League of Women Voters. They’re about as political as you can get.

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