How much would you pay for fireworks?

May 25th, 2012 by Ken

Our Independence Day celebration looked bleak about a year ago.

Lacey had banned fireworks in the city limits and the City of Olympia had followed suit. Then South Sound Center announced that it would no longer be able to put on it’s Third of July fireworks display this year – – something it had done for 45 years.

It was a sad time to be a patriot.

But, things are starting to look up. The City of Lacey has teamed up with the Lacey Chamber of Commerce to reinstate the Third of July Fireworks. Maybe.

The city has given permission to use Bush Park on the Yelm Highway for the event and has agreed to pick up the policing costs. The Lacey Chamber has agreed to raise the money – – some $20,000.

The Fourth of July has been given the shaft by local governments lately. Under the guise of fire protection and with the support of all of the old people who have forgotten the thrills of their childhood Independence Day celebrations, cities have dropped traditional Fourth of July activities.

When South Sound Center made its announcement the heart of every patriot sunk.

And there it stayed, until Lacey Councilmember Jeff Gadman and Lacey Chamber of Commerce Manager Tony Salas teamed up to return the Third of July tradition to Lacey.

As they’ve done many times in the past, the city and the Lacey business community have teamed up for the betterment of the community.

Salas is certain he can raise the $20,000 necessary to make the event happen. But what if he can’t? Will the city make up the difference?

They’re only saying they have confidence that the business community can raise the money.

But, what if they can’t?

Will they let the people of Lacey down once again?

How much would you pay for fireworks?

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