School supplies tax holiday sought

January 24th, 2012 by Ken

The Washington Retail Association is seeking a three-day School Sales Tax Holiday, to stimulate retail sales and increase revenue to the state.

Washington Retail Association President and CEO Jan Teague made that announcement on “Decision Makers” Tuesday at Two on AM 1240 KGY Radio with host Ken Balsley.

Teague said a study, recently released to the state legislature, shows that the state could expect about $12.5 million in additional revenue by creating a three-day School Sales Tax Holiday. “Some 17 or 18 states already do this, “Teague said. “Exempting school clothes and supplies of up to $75, also stimulates sales of other products. It’s a win for the consumer, it’s a win for the retailer and it’s a win for the state,” she said.

The idea is being held up in the State House of Representatives by the chair of the budget committee.

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