It’s a miracle

December 1st, 2011 by Ken

Miracles do happen. I should know.

For decades I had a street light by my house. Three years ago it went out.

I tried everything to get it back on. I contacted the City of Lacey which said they weren’t responsible. I contacted Puget Power which said they farmed out the job to a private contractor. I tried to contact the contractor but was unable to do anything but leave a message.

Over the years, I have tried to get help from anyone I knew – – particularly those who worked for Puget Power. None of them were ever able to help. Two winters went by and the blackness was over-whelming. I dreaded facing a third winter without a street light.

The day after Thanksgiving I left town for five days. I returned yesterday during the day. But, that night, a light came through my bedroom window. Tis nothing but a car’s headlight I replied to myself. But, the light never went out.

Tonight it shines – brightly. Miracles do happen.

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