Who will be Lacey’s next mayor?

November 20th, 2011 by Ken

In early January, the Lacey City Council will select its new mayor, to run council meetings and to represent them at social and civic activities.

Currently there are two factions vying for mayor – – those supporting council member Andy Ryder and those supporting someone else.

Unlike Tumwater and Olympia, where voters and taxpayers, elect the mayor. The mayor of Lacey is selected by the city council as their representative. He or she has some 200 activities each year. The mayor runs the city council meetings, attends council committee meetings, represents the city on regional boards and commissions and attends social and civic activities. It’s a job that calls for a commitment of time and energy.

Of the 200 activities this year, it is estimated by some accounts, that the city’s current mayor, Tom Nelson, made less than 15 percent of them. Nelson has a large family and weekend meetings are difficult. He also works for the North Thurston Public Schools and finds getting away during the week, a problem.

Whoever is selected will have to have the time and the commitment as well as the ability to speak and communicate with the public. Who that will be is still undecided.

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