Medical marijuana businesses denied by Lacey

October 28th, 2011 by Ken

Two applications for medical marijuana businesses have been denied by the City of Lacey. The denial of one has been appealed to the Lacey City Council. No date for the appeal has yet been set.

In May, Lacey Cross, applied for a business license to dispense medical marijuana. It was to be located on Pacific Avenue near the point where it meets the Golf Club Roundabout. The Lacey Police Department did a review of the application and ruled it was an illegal business under state law. A decision by the city’s hearings examiner to that extent has been appealed to the Lacey City Council.

In June, Cannabis Outreach , doing business on Pacific Avenue near the Lacey Post Office, applied for a license to sell medical marijuana. It was returned because of an administrative error.

Action on that application is awaiting the appeal of Lacey Cross to the Lacey City Council.

Last year the state legislature outlawed medical marijuana dispensaries but allowed marijuana cooperatives. Both business applications contend they are marijuana cooperatives.

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