How I’m voting on the state issues

October 16th, 2011 by Ken

Now that you have received your state voters pamphlet and your local voters pamphlet in the mail, it’s time to tell you how I’m voting.

1125, Tim Eyman’s toll tax initiative. This measure would require that tolls be used to pay off the transportation projects and that money raised couldn’t be siphoned off for other uses. YES Tolls to build bridges or add lanes should be levied to pay off those improvements. Money raised shouldn’t go for other uses.

1163 requires background checks and training for long term care workers. NO I want to protect our vulnerable senior citizens but this measure is to costly to be implemented.

1183 gets the state out of the liquor business. YES The state shouldn’t be in the liquor distribution business. Don’t believe the scare tactics of the opponents.

8295 removes residency requirements to vote for president. YES No choice. Federal law trumps state law in federal elections.

8206 Requires the legislature to fund the budget stabilization account. NO I like budgeting, but this bill gives no leeway to legislative action.

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