Where are our leaders?

October 12th, 2011 by Ken

Friends of mine, Bev and Steve Masini, just recently returned from Washington DC, where they looked at the many monuments to our past leaders and read their words of wisdom. Those leaders drawing their attention were Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Masini’s wondered where are our leaders of today. They also thought that perhaps, in today’s intrusive media, perhaps we’ll never have their like again.

Washington was a poor general and suffered many embarrasing defeats in battle. Jefferson was a slave owner and had intimate relationship with one of his female slaves. Lincoln suffered from severe depression and was often debilitated and unable to work. Roosevelt was paralyzed and in a wheelchair, although you wouldn’t know it from any photos taken. And, Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were womanizers and were often engaged in extra-marital affairs.

None of these great leaders, who are honored with memorials in our nation’s capitol, would ever be elected today.

Perhaps we’re looking for “saints” instead of leaders.

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