Not the top stories of 2010

December 28th, 2010 by Ken

As many writers and columnists often do, at the end of the year we pick out what we consider to be the top stories of the past year.  This year, we can see many of them without much effort.

The election of 2010, which saw a Republican resurgence.  The earthquake in Haiti which killed hundreds of thousands of people.  Or the economy which continues to show signs of life but still leaves millions of Americans with very little.

Those are the typical stories of the year.   But I want to take a look at the stories of the year which didn’t really make the list.  I want to look at the important stories which for some reason or other, failed to make the top story list.

Some 90 percent of all Americans who want to work, are working.  They’re bringing home paychecks, supporting families, paying rent and paying off credit cards.  They’re buying groceries, paying the utility bills, keeping the family car in operating order and making sure than their kids have what they need in order to become productive citizens.

All of this contributes to the American economy and it’s a story which won’t make the top story list.

The thousands of American soldiers who go, have gone or are still in the Middle East, in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting to keep this country free from terrorists attacks are  a top story.  But because only one percent of the country is impacted by these armed forces, it won’t make the top story list.

Remember the fact that in the last nine years, including last year, we haven’t had a major terrorist attack on American soil.  Chalk it up to luck, to the incompetence of the terrorists or to the hard work of American police agencies, but we’ve been blessed.  This won’t make the top story list.

Millions of American children are in schools, taught by well paid professional teachers, in good school buildings, with the latest technology.  We’re the only country in the world which educates all of our children as long as they want to be educated.  Our country can stack its educational system up with the best in the world and come out on top.  That didn’t make the top story list.

Last year, several million immigrants chose to make the United States their home.  Many came through legal channels and followed the law.  Some came by other means.  But all scrambled to come to this country for a better chance at a good life.   We are the only country in the world that has to put up a fence to keep people out.   That didn’t make the top story list.

No, the top stories chosen by columnists and journalists often deal with death, destruction and fear.   The real stories are often left in the dirt.

You can chose to believe what the media tells you, or you can believe what you see for yourself.

These are my top stories of 2010, which didn’t make the list.

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