93 Lacey businesses get reprieve

December 8th, 2010 by Ken

Some 93 Lacey businesses, which have non-conforming signs, got a reprieve of sorts from the Lacey Planning Commission last night.

Instead of requiring businesses to take down and replace their illegal signs, the planning commission opted to extend the deadline by five years to remove those non-conforming signs.  It also set a number of triggers, which when accomplished would require the signs to be removed or replaced.

A public hearing on the new requirements and deadline extension, will be held on January 4.

Some local businesses with non-conforming signs include:  McDonalds,  Pacific Shell, Lacey Market Square, Lacey Plaza, First Baptist Church, Lacey Community Church, Lacey Collision Center, Hawks Prairie Casino, Woodland Elementary School, Paulson’s, Lacey Denture Clinic,  Capital Heating and Cooling and Martin Village.

A complete list of businesses with non-conforming signs is available at the Lacey City Hall.

Since 1997, Lacey has had one of the strictest sign ordinances in the country.   The city gave businesses 10 years to bring all of their signs into compliance and set aside money to help with the replacement.   When that deadline passed, the city extended it for three more years.  Since only one business had taken advantage of the monetary help, the city stopped that program.   Now, it appears the city will, once again, extend the deadline.

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