Olympia to annex Fir Grove

December 6th, 2010 by Ken

The City of Olympia is about to embark on a new round of annexation, which is intended to round out the city’s boundaries while at the same time bring the city additional revenue.

While most of the city’s efforts are set for 2011, when it hopes to annex much of its Urban Growth Area in the Southeast, it’s currently engaged in annexing 205 acres of commercial property on the city’s eastside, near the Martin Way/Pacific Avenue and State Street/Fourth Avenue apex.

The property is an island of county land surrounded by city land.   Known as Fir Grove, the property is extensively developed with office buildings and a cemetery.

Under legislation passed last year at the request of the Washington Association of Cities, cities can enter into an agreement with  the county and the fire district  to annex property and can do so without the permission of the property owners.

That situation is currently underway for the 205 acres of Fir Grove.

A public meeting set for this week has been canceled but the City of Olympia is continuing the process of annexing the property without the consent of the property owners.

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