Cost of doing business to climb

October 21st, 2010 by Ken

No matter what happens in this election.  Whether or not the number of  state initiatives pass or fail, the cost of doing business is going to continue to increase.

That’s the opinion of Jan Teague, president of the Washington Retail Association.

Teague said that unemployment insurance costs will go up next year.  Industrial insurance cost will climb, perhaps as much as 30 percent.   The state’s minimum wage has increased by 13 cents, giving Washington the highest minimum wage in the country and health care costs will continue their rapid ascent.

She also pointed out that local government is continuing to increase the cost of sewer, water and garbage as well.

“No matter what happens at the ballot box this year, the cost of doing business will increase, ” Teague said.  “And, we don’t have the ability to pass those costs on to the consumer.”

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