“The Olympian” circulation hits steep decline

October 12th, 2010 by Ken

Circulation at our only daily newspaper hit a steep decline this year.

Subscriptions to The Olympian declined by more than 4600 readers, making this the sharpest decrease in circulation in the paper’s history.

Circulation figures, as reported to the feds, stands at 24,502 paid subscribers.   Last year at this time, the paper’s paid subscribers numbered 29,135.

Any newspaper or magazine using the US Mail, is required to report its circulation figures to the public during the first week of October each year.  All figures that I cite, come from that public report.

The Olympian topped out circulation in 1998 when it reported 40,485 paid subscribers.

In other news, Gannett has ceased printing the USA Today at the Olympia office.  That action occurred in June.

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