Republicans can win 22nd district

July 15th, 2010 by Ken

Mathematically anyway.

That’s the assessment of the Thurston County Republican party which states statistics, trends and the economy are their friends, and will help them to victory in the 22nd Legislative District.

The 22nd District hasn’t elected a Republican to the legislature in 30 years and even Bill Garson, from the south county, the last Republican to serve in the 22nd District, has his doubts.

But, during the kickoff breakfast for Jason Hearn, the Republican candidate for the 22nd Legislative District, supporters made the effort seem less than impossible.

Former Lacey City Council Deputy Mayor John Darby showed that statistically, a Republican can win.   He pointed out than in 2004, Ann  Burgman pulled 40 percent of the vote as a Republican.

The poor economy, the trend of voters to defeat incumbent candidates (although there’s no incumbent in the 22nd District) and hard work , effort and money will pull Hearn to victory, Darby said. 

Hearn said he would work to honor the state’s commitments to state workers and retirees and would seek to bring a new spirit to the legislature.

Some 50 people were on hand at the kickoff breakfast, including Lacey’s current Deputy Mayor Virgil Clarkson, who has endorsed Hearn.

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