The Silent Fourth

July 3rd, 2010 by Ken

It’s July 3, the day before Independence Day and there’s something missing.  


In my Lacey neighborhood, there’s not a sound except that made by whirling traffic and lawnmowers.

There’s no whizzes, no bells, no pops, no whines no booms of any kind.   Is it really the Fourth of July weekend?   If so, where are the celebrations that for more than 230 years marked the joy of the country’s birthday.

Old men and old women, who voted for the fireworks ban, have taken away some of the joy of the holiday.

Growing up in Thurston County, the Fourth of July was the second most awaited holiday next to Christmas.  It was the time to gather your pennies and head for the fireworks stand, where a whole display of joy was waiting to be purchased.

For days before the Fourth, the air was awash with the sounds of celebration.   That was the way our Founding Fathers wanted it to be.   John Adams declared that this day should be celebrated with fireworks, with rockets, with bonfires from border to border.

But now its gone.  There is no joy in Lacey and for much of Washington State for that matter.

The old women and the old men in particular, have forgotten the joys of the holiday.   And now I sit, surrounded by – – silence.

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