City poorly served by fire district appointments

June 4th, 2010 by Ken

It was a bleak group of applicants that the Lacey City Council had to pick from as their new representatives to the Lacey Fire District 3 commission.

Of the four applicants interviewed by the full council, only one had any experience that would be valuable.   That was Judy Wilson, former county commissioner and former school board member.

Wilson was appointed to represent the city to the fire district, until voters approve expansion of the fire commission from three to five members.

The other applicant appointed was Mark Terry, retired military, who applied for the appointment because of the closure of Fire Station 35 last year.  

Terry’s knowledge about the fire district and about fire services in general was lacking.

During the interview process, Terry said he opposed the closing of any station no matter what the reason.  “It would be a waste of taxpayer money,” he said.   “I’ll do whatever I can to keep it open, even using volunteers.”

His lack of knowledge was apparent to the Lacey council as well.   In making the appointment Councilmember Ron Lawson said, “I think he’ll grow into the job.”

The other two applicants for the appointment were even less impressive.

It looks as if the citizens of Lacey will be poorly served if this is the best the city can do.

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