Marijuana use stokes recall talk

April 26th, 2010 by Ken

Lacey City Councilmember Ron Lawson’s confession that he uses medical marijuana and has for several years, has raised the ire of some community leaders.

Former Lacey Councilmember Ann Burgman, is incensed that a council member of Lacey is not only using marijuana, but is a spokesman for the legalization.

Burgman is confined by illness and unable to do much, but she has begun making calls to other community leaders in an effort to mount a recall against Lawson.

At least two current members of the Lacey council are concerned about the image Lawson’s marijuana use gives to the city and Mayor Tom Nelson was quoted in The Olympian  as saying he thinks medical marijuana is just an excuse to use marijuana.

No one except Burgman is talking recall at this time, but Lawson’s continued use of the drug is certain to be an issue.

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