Legislature good to Lacey

March 12th, 2010 by Ken

Though the Washington State Legislature is going into overtime with a Special Session, the Regular Session was good to the City of Lacey.

That’s the assessment of former Lacey Mayor Mark Brown who works as a lobbyist for the City of Lacey.  “The top two items the city wanted, were approved,” Brown said

The city wanted legislation to level out tax rates for city residents when the city and Lacey Fire District 3 combine.  That was the top piece of legislation on the city’s plate.   The city also wanted advanced funding for local revitalization money for the Lacey Gateway project.

Brown said that SB 6287, which would prevent double taxation when the city annexes into the fire district is on the Governor’s desk and will be signed into law Monday March 15 at 2:20 p.m.

“This was a tough piece of legislation,” Brown said.  “It had an emergency clause and every time that’s on a piece of legislation makes if more difficult to pass.”

The former mayor turned lobbyist said thanks has to go to Senator Karen Fraser who shepherded it through the senate and to Representative Brendan Williams who did the same in the house.   He also thanked several other local legislators including Senator Dan Swecker, and Representatives Sam Hunt, Richard DeBolt and Gary Alexander.

“This was truly a bi-partisan effort,” he said.

The second piece of legislation that the city wanted SB6609  made 2012 revitalization funds available in 2011 which means that Lacey’s town center project will be funded.  

Brown said the city has to go through the approval process once more, but the money is there and will be awarded.

Brown served as Lacey’s mayor for eight years in the 1980’s and after leaving the council went into the consulting business.  Brown not only consults for the City of Lacey but for Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground and Longview.

Lacey pays him $4000 a month when the legislature is in session and $2000 a month when it’s not in session.  Brown received $30,000 last year for his work.

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