I left Venture Bank

February 24th, 2010 by Ken

I had a traumatic experience today.  I closed out my account at Venture Bank.   OK – First Citizens Bank.

I’d been with the bank from the very beginning.  I was an original stockholder.  I was excited when the bank opened, a local bank, with local people in charge. I stayed with the bank through its many name changes – – Lacey Bank, First Community Bank, Venture Bank.

Because of personal reasons, I had to sell my stock, but I kept my relationship with Venture Bank.   Whenever I went into the bank, it felt like home.  People knew me and addressed me by name.   And, the bank provided good service.

Venture Bank employees were active and involved in community affairs and the bank contributed large sums of money to local charities, some years as much as $250,000.   I liked the local bank.

I was as disappointed as anyone when the bank went under.    But, I stayed with the new owners, out of a sense of loyalty to the bank employees.

But my relationship began to sour.  I was notified that new fees would be assessed to my account.  Then I was notified that my account number would be changed and I would have to get new checks.

The final straw came last week, when I had difficulty cashing a check at the bank.

I decided it was time to leave.   There are 26 financial institutions in Lacey and I had my choice of any one of those.  I picked a local bank, with local owners and one that was active and involved in the community.

But like any divorce there’s a sense of sadness.  When I drive by my old bank, I ask the question – – why?

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