Brian I hardly knew you

December 11th, 2009 by Ken

When Brian Baird ran for Congress from the Third Congressional District, I never voted for him.  All six times he ran, I never X’ed the box of this kiss-face liberal college professor.

But, when he bucked his party and voted to support President George Bush’s “surge” in Iraq, I sat up and took notice.

And, recently when he voted against the Democratic House’s Health Care Plan, because it was too costly,  one of only a handful of Democrats to do so, I began to think I might vote for him when he ran again in 2010.

Now he says he’s not going to seek re-election and he almost had my vote.

Maybe, if he decides to make a run at a different office, I may support him.   At least, I’ll take a serious look at giving him my vote.

It’s too bad it took 10 years before he began to exhibit some individual thought.  I suspect he knew all along that he wasn’t seeking re-election, and that does free a person up to stop playing politics and vote their conscience.

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