Fire district annexation talks continue

December 10th, 2009 by Ken

Negotiations between the City of Lacey and Fire District 3, regarding annexation of the city into the fire district, continue.   It’s anticipated that the Lacey City Council will get the resolution for its meeting next Thursday.

While there are no real sticking points, the two sides have a number of agreements to reach.   They’re working on a letter of agreement which will require both sides to do a number of things.

They’ve agreed that the fire commission will be expanded from three members to five members.   They have reached agreement on the value of the city’s assets including fire buildings and equipment.  

They have also agreed to ask our local legislators to sponsor a bill in the coming session which will allow the city residents to assume the indebtedness of the fire district while at the same time turning over the city’s bonded indebtedness to the fire district.

All of these agreements will be in a letter of understanding which both sides will sign.

Fire District 3 Commissioners are then expected to place the question of annexation before the voters in April.  It will take a positive vote in both the city and the district for the annexation to take place.

If voters approve annexation, the fire commission is then expected to place before all of the voters the question of increasing the fire commission from three to five members.

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