Hispanic growth hits state

November 25th, 2009 by Ken

(The following article was taken from the pages of ‘El Mundo’, the state’s largest Hispanic newspaper.  The contents have been edited.)

Washington is one of the top five states with the fastest growing Hispanic population.

The analysis of the American Community Survey of the US Census Bureau for 2008 reveals that there are key states that experienced net in-migration of Hispanics from other States in the prior year.

This is the most up-to-date information of what states Hispanics are moving to. At the top of the list are Texas, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, Washington, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Virginia, Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Maine, and Maryland, in that order.

The implications for marketers are that marketing efforts dedicated to Hispanics will continue to be more at a National level instead of in just a few major markets. While those major markets are still large and worthy of much attention, smaller emerging Hispanic enclaves need to be considered and planned for.

Further, as Hispanics continue to disperse in the United States their tastes and preferences will further contribute to the Latinization of the US. At the same time, however, more of these important consumers will be establishing contact with members of non-Hispanic communities and being exposed to touch-points that they did not attend to before.

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