Campaign signs fall like leaves

October 13th, 2009 by Ken

It’s campaign season in this great community in which we live.  You can tell it’s campaign season by the number of campaign signs which line the city streets.

It’s also the season when politicians complain that other politicians are taking down their campaign signs.   It’s gotten so bad this year that the police department has become involved.

Graeme Sackrison, who is running for re-election to the Lacey City Council, has accused his opponent Ron Lawson, of taking his signs.  Sackrison is so certain that’s the case, that’s he’s filed a complaint with the Lacey Police Department.

Every year during election time, we have people complaining about the plethora of signs which sprout up like mushrooms.  And every year we have the owners of those signs complain that someone is removing them.

Placing campaign signs on city right-of-way is illegal.  All cities have ordinances against that.  But signs are placed along city streets in all of the jurisdictions anyway. 

Every once in a while the word comes out from above, to the city maintenance crews to remove all signs on city property.

Campaign signs are just the tool an angry teen needs to show his disdain for society.  Many signs have fallen victim to his teen rage.

There’s one campaign sign on College Street that I’ve taken down at least twice so far.  It blocks my view of traffic as I try to pull out onto the major street.  I get out and take it down everytime someone puts it back up.

The weather during campaign season is often wet and windy.  Many signs fall victim to the weather.

So, there are many reasons that campaign signs fall like Autumn leaves.  Being taken down by an opponent is unusual.

Remember, the signs have to be taken down within one week after the election.   Many of them aren’t.  I’ve found the sign stakes make good garden stakes.  I use them for my dahlias and my tomatoes.

So, if you want to find your campaign stakes a week after the election, look in my garden.

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