Port candidates differ on dam removal

October 9th, 2009 by Ken

Candidates for Olympia Port Commissioner- – Dave Peeler and Jeff Davis, have different views when it comes to removing the Fifth Avenue dam and letting Capitol Lake become an estuary.

In a meeting with the Government Affairs Committee of the Lacey Chamber of Commerce, Davis said he was opposed to removing the Fifth Avenue dam. 

In response to the same question Peeler said that the port would have to work with the state and other agencies to make certain the impact on the dam’s removal was mitigated.  He also said the decision was not his to make.

Both candidates saw a future for KGY Radio although Peeler said the property the station sat on was some of the most valuable property in Olympia and that the port might have to find room for the radio station elsewhere. 

Davis said KGY was historically important and the port should take that into consideration and work with the station to reach a suitable solution. 

Peeler is supported by many elected Democratic officials even though this is a non-partisan race.  He also has the endorsement of many environmental groups. 

Davis is supported by longshoremen and their unions around the state.  He also has the endorsement of several business groups.

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