Library punishes voters

October 5th, 2009 by Ken

For the first time in its 40 year history, the Timberland Regional Library System will begin charging for overdue books.   Coming right after voters turned down a tax increase, this appears to be a slap in the face of voters.

In Pierce County, which has always had overdue fees, the library is offering amnesty for all those who have overdue fines and books out.  

Library systems across the country have decided that levying fines for overdue books, only means those books will probably never be returned.  Libraries that do charge fees, often fine themselves out of many books.  So, fewer and fewer libraries charge overdue fees.

I think its perfectly appropriate to charge users for services that require special treatment such as books ordered from another system .   Libraries can even charge a fee for copying and duplication.

But Timberland’s sudden decision to levy fines after 40 years of not doing so, is nothing but retribution to voters who turned down their tax increase request.

The Timberland system should rethink its overdue fine policy.   Or suffer the consequences when it once again goes before the voters for more money.

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