Taxes – who pays

August 6th, 2009 by Ken

The Tax Foundation in Washington DC has released its 2008 state by state comparison of taxes and Washington State was right in the battle for revenue.

Washington ranks 8th in the nation in per capita income at $48,524.  First was Connecticut with $63,000 and last was Mississippi at $31,000.

Our business tax rate put Washington 12th and for property taxes we were 21st. 

We have the 9th highest state sales tax in the country with 6.5 percent..  Of course this doesn’t take into account local option which adds as much as 2.4 per cent additional, which most cities and counties levy.

We have the 3rd highest gas tax in the country at 37.5 cents, although I don’t think this takes into account the recent 5 cents approved by voters.  We also have the 9th highest cigarette tax and the 2nd highest liquor tax.

These are just selective taxes.  A complete list of all taxes can be found on the Tax Foundation’s web page.

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