Gophers and finances

July 23rd, 2009 by Ken

Just when you think you’ve found every way possible to spend taxpayer’s money, comes word that the Port of Olympia and the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife have come up with a new way.

Seems the port property at the Olympia airport has a number of gophers.  But, bowing to public pressure, the port isn’t just trapping and killing the gophers.  No such thing.

Working with Fish and Wildlife, the port is trapping the gophers and “trans-locating” them.  That’s right.  They’re capturing them and trans-locating them to Rocky Prairie.  

The cost to taxpayers $150,000 – – so far.

And besides, what well meaning gopher, who makes a living digging in dirt would want to be trans-located to a place called “Rocky”  Prairie.

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