Mushrooms and animals

June 30th, 2009 by Ken

I was working the First Annual Great Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival this past weekend, selling pop and water and Rotary.

A young couple with two children about 8-10 came up and asked where they could drop off dog food for the dogs.  Taken back a second, I finally answered “right here.”  Not only did they give me dog and cat food, but they also gave me money, raised they said, by their children who sold lemonade in their front yard.

I didn’t quite know what to say, but I thanked them, gave them from free pop and watched they walk away.

Tuesday, I stopped by the Animal Shelter and dropped off the money and the dog and cat food while telling my story.  The shelter people tell me that it isn’t uncommon for people to drop off dog food and other supplies.

As a matter of fact, such an action is encouraged.  The Shelter has a list of supplies it needs which starts out with kitty litter and includes dog and cat food, but also rabbit, Guinea Pig and bird food.  Dog toys, catnip, dog/cat shampoo and even dog houses in good condition are needed.

Everything donated helps stretch the Shelter’s budget.

And to that family that dropped off the food and money at the Mushroom Festival.  I wish I had gotten your name.  The Shelter wants to thank you.

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