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April 3rd, 2009 by Ken

Radio Station KGY and the Port of Olympia have reached a tentative agreement which allows the station to stay at its current location for another five years.

Under terms of the agreement, either party can back out after a 90 day notice.  KGY also has some increased costs including moving its antenna.

Both parties are expected to approve the agreement some time this month.

The ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, Gary Alexander, has criticized the Democrat’s budget saying federal stimulus money and  other financial manipulations, are just one-time fixes that will push the problem to another year.   He has called for a comprehensive budget which helps solve some of the long term problems.

A team of five Australian foresters have been in town this week, meeting with counterparts to see how forestry is done in the Northwest.  

They’ve spent time with the Department of Natural Resources, toured tree nurseries and visited Mt. St. Helen’s to see how the blow down was harvested.  

The Group Study Exchange team is sponsor by Rotary International and hosted by local Rotarians.  The group will journey to the Olympic Peninsula next week and are halfway through their six-week visit.

The City of Lacey had $334 million worth of new construction in 2008 and projects $249 million in 2009.   Housing permits issued in 2008 was 338 and projected to be around 200 in 2009.

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