3000 people caught on red light cameras – so far

February 20th, 2009 by Ken

Lacey, the only city in Thurston County to have red light cameras, found the six month run in 2008, well worth the effort.

From June through December 2008, the city’s red light cameras on Pacific Avenue at Sleater Kinney, caught more than 3000 people violating the law regarding intersections – – running the red light, failure to stop before turning right on red, and stopping past the white marking line.

More than $154,000 in revenue was brought in by those who paid their fines of $124 per violation or had them mitigated down to $80.  But, the city’s final total profit was about $90,000.

Some $61,00 went into leasing the system and billing costs.  Another $3500 went in city billing office costs while $1,675 was the estimated cost of an officer’s time to review each violation before it was mailed out.

Those cost figures do not include the city proesecutor’s time, court billing fees or court costs.

Lacey Police Chief Dustry Pierpoint said the money raised from the cameras would not go into the city’s general fund but would be used for safety programs, education and other public safety concerns.

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