TESC kills Super Saturday

February 8th, 2009 by Ken

In the Spring of 1978, I received a call from Judy Prentice from the college relations office of  The Evergreen State College.  The college was planning a community event on graduation weekend and wanted me to help it line up some musical entertainment.

I did.   The day of that first Super Saturday I was on the college campus early.   It didn’t take long for the word to come down, that traffic was backed up all along the parkway and onto the freeway.  Super Saturday was a big success.

It was the perfect event for Evergreen.  The college was still new and many members of the community had never been to the campus.  The idea of holding a community event, inviting community participation and having local talent, was a good one. 

A few years later, in 1982, I was working on a contract at Evergreen,  in the college relations office.  I was put in charge of promoting Super Saturday.   I did.  I called it the largest one day community festival in the state.  That line was picked up and run in major news papers and television stations around the state.

But I quit going to Super Saturday in the late 90’s.  It had lost its appeal someway and I didn’t feel like I would miss anything if I didn’t go.  So for at least the last 10 years I haven’t been to the largest one day community festival in the state.

Now word comes that Evergreen is doing away with the free community event to save money.  The college estimates it will save about $20,000.

I suspect that there’s something more going on than just saving $20,000.  I think the college just lost interest in the event just like many community members lost interest – – myself included.

I think I ‘ m sorry that its gone.   I never realized I would miss it – – but I think I will.   I’ll know for sure about the end of June.

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