Who wanted a White Christmas?

December 24th, 2008 by Ken

You wanted a white Christmas, you got it.  We get a white Christmas in the South Sound area about once in every 27 years.  

This is actually our second white Christmas in a row.  Last year on Christmas Day it snowed, but the snow didn’t stick, so I’m not really sure you could call it a white Christmas.  But it sure was this year.

And, it caused all kinds of problems.

I scraped ice, shoveled snow, drove dangerous roads, did all of the things that had to be done.  But for the most part, I hibernated, I stayed home, I didn’t venture out when I really didn’t have to, and I found many reasons for not going out.

I spent an hour getting my wife’s car out of the driveway so she could go to work, and then got my own car stuck in a snowbank.  I shoveled and scraped for nearly three hours before I was able to get my car moving.

Then, when I got to the store, it was bumper to bumper grocery carts, long lines and shortages of some foods.  I was surprised that the stores had any groceries at all.  I wondered how the delivery trucks made it.

But, while I waited in the long lines with other shoppers, we commiserated about the weather, complained about the long lines and made each other feel better by talking about the Christmas season and how great it was that we finally had a white Christmas.

Snow kept the U.S. Postal Service from making the rounds everyday, but they did finally get the mail to us.  I can’t say the same for garbage collection.   My garbage can has sat at the curb for more than a week now, and I keep expecting the truck to come by and empty it.  Guess I should scrap the foot of snow off the lid.

There have been lots of problems associated with a white Christmas.   I have to admit, the snow covered trees, the snowmen, the kids playing and laughing while throwing snowballs at each other and everything that makes snow interesting, have added to the Christmas festivities this year.

But, I don’t care if I never see another White Christmas for another 27 years.  If I add right, that should be in 2035.

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