Retail theft a major problem

December 13th, 2008 by Ken

According to the Washington Retail Association, retail theft has cost business more than $30 billion in annual losses and roughly $34 million in Washington state.

But, action of law enforcement and prosecutors tends towards major crimes and misdemeanor property crimes are seldom investigated and even less seldom prosecuted.

Professional theft rings know that and have become more brazen in their actions.  Thieves can steal up to $250 in a store without fear of being prosecuted for a felony.  The state legislature is looking at increasing that to $1000 and making it even more easier for thieves to get away with shoplifting.

So criminal after criminal can steal and get away with it.  Organized rings bring in their gang and attack stores in mass, knowing that they may not get caught and if they do, they have no fear of being prosecuted.

The Washington Retail Association is hoping that it can get an Organized Theft Ring  bill passed by the legislature this session which will give law enforcement and prosecutors a tool by which they will arrest and bring charges against organized theft rings. 

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