Three tips for raising teenagers

October 3rd, 2008 by Ken

Has that loving, sweet child of yours, turned into a raging monster called a teenager?  Well, if so, I have some tips for you.

From the time a youngster is 13 or 14 you have very little control.  He or she is now in the hands of the common culture and under the control of peer pressure.  You can only hope that you’ve instilled in your teenager self-esteem, passion for life and common sense, because from here on out almost everything they do is out of your control.

You have to get right down to the basics.  Your goal, as a parent of a teenager, is three fold.  First – – Stop them from killing themselves or others.  Second – – keep them out of jail.   Third – – stop them from becoming parents.

Everything else is small stuff and totally out of your control,  there’s nothing you can do, so don’t sweat it.

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