Gosh darn it – I like her!

October 2nd, 2008 by Ken

After watching the Vice Presidential debate I have to admit it.  I like Sarah Palin.  I disagree with much of what she believes and stands for, but I can’t help liking her.

Presidential historians have said that they have never seen the “folksy” style of debate before and can’t remember a time in American history when the “folksy” style was used.  Of course they can only remember times in their recent memories.  Longtime historians only need point to Abraham Lincoln to show how a “folksy” style can win friends and presidential races.

Sarah Palin speaks like the average American.  We drop our g’s.  We talk in half sentences.  We say things that seem a little disjointed.   That’s Sarah Palin.  She is an average American.

I’ve never met the woman in person, but it is obvious that she has charisma and likeability..

Now, if her belief system was more in tune with mine, than maybe I could vote for her.  And, even if I don’t, I can still like her. – – can’t I?

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