Gregorie promises no taxes, no cuts

September 26th, 2008 by Ken

I had the opportunity Thursday, to attend the debate between Christine (call me Chris) Gregoire and Dino Rossi, sponsored by the Association of Washington Business.

While most of the debate was political rhetoric and sound bites, the governor was forced to spell out what actions she would take to close a $3.2 billion dollar deficit facing the state over the next biennium.

Gregoire said she will not raise taxes, including fees, and will not cut any programs.  Instead, she will focus on increasing revenue by encouraging new business growth.  She is looking at “green” business growth to drive the economy and stimulate increased government revenue.

In making up the deficit, she will be helped by a $850 million dollar rainy day fund, and an expected increase in state revenue of about 8 percent.

Many people see her promises as not being ones she can keep.  While encouraging job growth is important, the governor’s opponents think she won’t be able to stimulate the state economy enough to counter the deficit and will be forced to go back on her promise and raise taxes.

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