No four-day school week ahead

August 25th, 2008 by Ken

Efforts across the country to create a four-day school week, with an eye towards saving energy and money, are bound to fail in Washington State, according to North Thurston Public School’s Assistant Superintendent Shawn Lewis, for one simple reason, it won’t save any money.

Lewis said that Washington State law requires school districts to provide 1000 hours of education in a 180-day school year, so going to a four-day school week won’t be feasible.  In other states, the rules are different.  Some require 1000 hours of education in only 144 days which gives schools more flexibility.

Lewis hasn’t heard of any efforts to change state law and on the contrary, he said. the Washington State Board of Education is granting fewer and fewer exemptions.

In a related matter, North Thurston Public Schools has changed its school opening hours with an eye towards saving money on bus drivers salaries as well as fuel use.  Lewis thinks the district may save as much as $500,000 this coming year, just by changing school operating hours.

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