Futurewise is passe

August 15th, 2008 by Ken

The Washington State Supreme Court’s recent ruling that Futurewise, or any outside group, cannot challenge Thurston County’s Growth Management Act plans each time they’re up for revision, is a victory for local property owners and a victory for local control of zoning.

On a 9-0 vote, the state’s highest court sided with Thurston County in slapping down the Seattle-based anti-growth organization.  (Incidentally, the opinion was written by Mary Fairhurst, up for re-election this year, and charged with being pro-government and anti-growth.   Can anyone spell  court –  P O L I T I C S.)

The local county victory against Futurewise is also a slap in the face to Sandra Romero, the local representative of the group, and a candidate for Thurston County Commissioner.  Romero has chided the county for spending millions challenging Futurewise in court.  This most recent victory shows that Romero’s out of touch with local officials and the views of local residents.

And, it shows that Futurewise is now passe and needs to keep its nose out of the county’s business. 

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